joe DOE

Album: Mostly Recycled (2011)

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Song: Epic Awesomeness 3.0

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joe DOE is a hybrid music artist from the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York, USA. He is the creator of a genre called sykophunk, which he describes as "underground hip hop influenced by metal, gothic and electronica, bitch-slapped with humor and sarcasm, and then power-bombed into an ocean of social and spiritual consciousness." Music that disregards cliché boundaries, connecting different paths of life on a mission for the rEvolution Underground.

An extremely active recording artist, DOE writes/records/produces about 100 tracks per year! He is a member of Triple Vision and the founder of Sykophunk Productions. He also continues to record collaborations with other indie artists from all over the world and makes experimental electronic music under the name Dostah Shilailee. Under his birth name, Joseph VanBuren, he is a self-published author and composes instrumental music for indie films.

Other claims to fame include getting song placement on The Colbert Report, getting on a mixtape along side members of the Wu Tang Clan, and doing remixes for artists as diverse as Snoop Dogg, The Crystal Method, Bring Me the Horizon and Sleigh Bells.